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Product specs & details

Each set comes with 4 hinges and 2 handles to create a variety of classic and charming looks for your customer's garage door instantly and easily. The hinges measure 15.375 inches long, 2.375 inches wide, and 0.19 inches deep; handles measure 9.5 inches long, 1.875 inches wide, and 1.125 inches deep.



Step by Step

Easy installation without tools or drilling, so no voiding garage door warranties. Your customers simply place the handle and hinges where they'd like on their garage door. The strong magnets hold Hing-it firmly in place.


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Simply contact us for information about becoming an independent sales representative for Magnetic Door Decor. We will work with you to become a successful representative in no time!

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Why Choose Hinge-it?


Traditional garage door accents require a homeowner or builder to screw each decorative piece into place on the garage door.

For a standard 2 car garage, there are a total of 32 holes required to install this hardware.  As you can see from these photos below, this allow water to reach the metal surface of the garage door causing it RUST!


With its brilliant magnetic design, Hinge-it gives you the same beautiful look without damage to your door or the extra labor of installation.


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"Can’t believe it was that easy.  I just put them on the a garage doors and I love them!"

Mary Jane, St Louis

"Wow.  These are exactly what I’ve been looking for.  So simple and they look amazing."

John Foster, Dallas

"Best home purchase I’ve made in a long time.  They totally changed the look of our garage door without making a major investment."

Dan Smith, Seattle

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These magnetic door accents are the perfect product for any homeowner.  Contact us about becoming a part of the Magnetic Door Decor team as an Independent Representative.  As an independent rep you will be the person to introduce customers to the solution they have been searching for, allowing them to preserve the integrity of their door while giving it an inexpensive update that will look good for years to come.


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